Bernadette Cooper

Record Producer, Entertainer, Musician, Diseuse, Composer, Writer & Arranger.



2016- 2017: Touring with Klymaxx Featuring, Bernadette Cooper (the band).

          Author,  Audiobooks, Soundtrack  https://pressbooks.com/catalog/dramatic10


2015: Last Diva On Earth Episode 1: Planet Sexy: New project release.

          A musical adventure and an introspective, comedic look at earth and the

         search for happiness. This is the first chapter of two adapted from her life's

          musical manifesto. From the creator of Klymaxx & Madame X.

          Produced & A­­­rranged By Bernadette Cooper. ­­­


2014: KLYMAXX Presents Bernadette Cooper 'Diva & A Turntable Tour

          Bernadette Cooper is currently on tour with her new constantly evolving show. 

          The show includes Bernadette,  DJ, Two Singers and a drummer. 

          The critically acclaimed show is high energy and vocally driven. 



KLYMAXX- Bernadette Cooper, discovered, produced, composed, performed and composed  KLYMAXX songs;

Meeting In The Ladies Room, The Men All Pause, I Miss You,  She's A User, Lock, And Key, Divas Need Love Too,

Sexy, Fashion, Never Underestimate The Power Of  A Woman, Heartbreaker. Fashion and  Fab Attack.

 Klymaxx received Gold and Platinum records.


Drama According To Bernadette Cooper- Cooper  produced,  performed, composed and arranged for her debut project

Drama According To Bernadette Cooper. The project included Ten songs:  I look good, The underground,  

Howard Hughes Sitcom, The Agency Sent Me,  Do You Really Know What Love Is, I'm That Girl, Nothing You Can Do,

Let's Be Discreet About It, Strait Jacket Love Affair, Movie Produce her and Drama According To Bernadette Cooper. 

The project produced three top singles. MCA Records.


Bette Midler- Bernadette Cooper produced and composed  I Look Good for Ms. Midler's theme show, Diva Las Vegas tour.


Paula Abdul- Cooper, composed and arranged the song I'm Missing You, for Paula Abdul on Head over Heels album.

Virgin Records.


RuPaul- Guest vocalist on RuPaul's, Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous.


Nia Peeples- Bernadette produced,  Performed, composed and arranged  The Entity Sex, Virgin Records.


Cheryl Lynn  Cooper  Produced, composed, performed  and arranged for  Start Over album: A New Dress, Married Man,

He's Just A Pretty Face for Cheryl Lynn's album  Start Over on Columbia Records.


George Clinton- Cooper, Produced, composed, performed and arranged Sexy for Klymaxx with George Clinton. MCA Records.


Madame X- The girl group was created and developed by Cooper. The album titled Madame X was produced, composed, performed and

Arranged by Bernadette Cooper. Eight songs, including the top 5 pop hit, Just That Type Of Girl,  includes I'm Weak for you, I Wonder, 

Cherries In The Snow, I Want Your Body, Madame X, Flirt and Marry Me. Executive produced by Bernadette Cooper and Sylvia Rhone.

Atlantic Records.


Pebbles with TLC- Cooper was featured in a Pebbles video My Own Backyard, on  LAFACE Records.


Salt & Pepa- Cooper produced, composed and performed this song. Salt & Pepper, were featured.  'The Body Beautiful for the movie Too Wong

Foo, and the movie soundtrack. MCA Records.


Lenny Kravitz- Cooper produced Kravitz Kravitz, who performed guitar on the album Drama According to Bernadette Cooper' song "Let's Be

Discreet About It." MCA Records.


Teena Marie- Cooper Produced, performed, composed and arranged for Teena Marie's vocals on the songs Movie Produce Her and "Drama

According to Bernadette Cooper" for The Drama According to Bernadette Cooper project, MCA Records.


Teena Marie - Cooper performed on the Naked To The World album for Epic Records. Crocodile Tears and Sugar Shack Cooper also performed on both songs.


N'dea Davenport- Re-mixer for the song Underneath The Cherry Moon, V2 Records.


 Safire - Cooper, Producer, composed, performed and arranged, Shooting Star (remake Bob Dylan),  Have MercyTraditional Love and  If I Fall In Love for Safire's Latin project.  She was one of the first Latin Hip Hop artists signed to M.C.A. Records under the supervision of Kathy Nelson.


Altitude-  Cooper Produced, composed, performed and arranged for the Three girl singing group.  Cooper wrote the first single Silly Me and One 

Man,  on their album. R.C.A Records.


Mazzarati- Produced, composed, performed and arranged on the singles, The Saga Of A Man and That Woman Thang.  The Artist Formerly Known As discovered this band. Motown Records.


Shalamar- Producer, composer, arranger on the song Female for the group Shalamar's project. Solar. MCA Records.


Morgan- Producer for an Alternative project. Produced the Song I Want To Kill Flipper, a demo that was considered by Interscope records.


Alisa Randolph- Self titled album, Alisa Randolph Bernadette discovered Alisa. She was a member of the group Madame X. Cooper discovered, Produced,  performed, composed and arranged this entire project. The album included nine songs:  The Entity sex, How Can A Girl Get To Know You Better,?Put That Thang On Me, Guilty Of Loving You, Pretty Face, Man Stealer, Through My Eyes, He's The Kind Of Man You Want To Come Home To,
'What A Woman, Won't Do (For Her Man).
Executive produced by Cooper and Sylvia Rhone. Atlantic Records.


Jermaine Stewart- Produced, composed, performed and arranged. Various songs for Arista Records.


KLYMAXX- Creator, producer, writer, arranger, and performer on all four KLYMAXX projects. Solar, MCA Records.


LA and Babyface- Performer, writer of songs with The Deele, She Wanted and 'Beat My Face for  Cat Williams. Solar Records


Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis- Cooper co-produced and was the writer for various songs with Jam and Lewis on the KLYMAXX projects. Solar, MCA Records.


Joyce Irby- Producer, composer, performer and featured artist on two songs for 'The Maximum Thrust'  project. 'I'm Available' and 'I Love You'.

Motown Records.


DecampFounder, producer, writer, arranger for the entire project. Developed his project for a recording contract for, Slap Me One Productions.


Cat Miller- Produced and composed of the songs, Beat My Face and  Rescue me. This was the very first production outside of Klymaxx for Cooper.

LA and Babyface were also featured on this project as producers and remixers.


Living Together- Founder, producer, and writer for three persons singing groups. The entire project, nine songs. Participated in deal negotiations

with  Ron Sweeney, Sony records.



The Best Man Holiday- Movie Soundtrack Cooper contributed, The Men All Pause.


Action Jackson - Movie soundtrack; Cooper was the co-music supervisor, music producer, writer, and arranger for the theme song entitled, Action Jackson. She also was involved in the production of other songs in the movie and on the Soundtrack that Ft Madame X. Executive Producer Joel

Silver and Sylvia Rhone. Lorimar films and Records.


Fatal Beauty - Movie soundtrack, KLYMAXX, Cooper co-produced and composed a song in the movie and soundtrack. Metro Goldwyn Mayer\

Movie, Atlantic Records.


To Wong Foo - Movie, Soundtrack, Cooper was the producer, writer, and arranger for the opening song of the movie and the soundtrack, The Body Beautiful Ft, Cooper and Salt & Pepa. Under the supervision of Kathy Nelson MCA Records, Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment.


True Identity - Movie soundtrack, Producer, and writer for the song in the movie The Men All Pause, on The movie soundtrack. Touchstone



The Sluggers Wife - Movie Soundtrack, Producer, writer, and arranger for a song in the movie and on the soundtrack. Columbia Pictures.


The Sixth Man -Disney Pictures- Contracted to produce a version of Superstition.


Running Scared- Klymaxx Song featured in the movie Man Size love.



Saturday Night Live- Episode: KLYMAXX Parody performed by Halle Berry portraying Bernadette Cooper.

Unsung documentary- TV One, KLYMAXX Ft Bernadette Cooper.

Bands Reunited- Documentary Vh1; KLYMAXX Ft Bernadette Cooper.

Soul Train  - 7 appearances.

Video Soul- Interview with BET with Teena Marie & Bernadette Cooper.

Joan Rivers show- Appeared with KLYMAXX


ADDITIONAL Video and Television appearances, Awards, Interviews, Accolades. AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST!



Production Deal- Slap Me One Records/ EastWest Records.

EMI Publishing- Publishing Contract

A&R for Carter Entertainment - Los Angeles/London; scouted, discovered and developed projects for the company.

Discovered and signed singer, John B.



Stage Production,KLYMAXX "Real Divas Never Die" tour; conceptualized, arranged & performed. The United States.

Video Appearances - The Men All Pause, Meeting In The Ladies Room, Sexy, I Look Good, I Miss You,  

My Own Back Yard and Man Size Love.

I Look Good Video Ft. Bernadette Cooper; conceptualized, and co-director of the video.



Coopers Limousine -Service, Owner

Museum68 Vintage Atelier- High-end vintage clothing boutique, Owner

COOPERSWORLD ENTERTAINMENT- Developing talent and branding.

SLAP ME ONE PRODUCTION -Creative Director, Music Production Company Creating, developing, producing

and branding, new acts...

KLYMAXX Present Bernadette Cooper 'Diva & A Turntable -Concept created for touring.





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